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This is a sign to conjure with! It is known as ‘Lucky Sagittarius’ but try asking one and you will find they have bad-luck too!  It is a masculine sign which often makes the subjects assertive it is also a fire sign which adds drive and direction but it is the last of the fire signs and appears to be less forceful than the other two. Perhaps it is because it is a ‘mutable ‘ sign, sharing with Pisces, Gemini amd Virgo.  The positive way of looking at mutable signs is to emphasise adaptability but, if you are cruel they can be thought of as weak and easily lead!. They can, of course, be both! Watch out though; reliability can be called into question. Often ‘archers’ are active and make excellent sporting folk. Intelligent and persuasive they make good sales-people perhaps, however, they can be over-plausible ; beware.  They are seldom boring, often very presentable and sociable. Many are good team-players but can also provide original ideas.  They all seem to have a versatility, good judgement and a philosophical turn of mind but they can be over-optimistic, irresponsible and capricious. Because they are such good company prticularly with younger people they retain a young outlook but when they age the deep-thinking philosophical side can emerge so; Never write them Off ! Good parents and attractive lovers they provide lots of leaven for so many stodgy folk and respond to challenges in a positive manner the world is a much better and more interesting because they exist but; they also value their freedom which must be taken into account at all times. Keep your eye on Sagittarians and watch where their arrows fall.