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Some people who believe in reincarnation think that we pass through the whole range of astrology signs until we reach Pisces this is our final destination. Many Pisceans who I have met seem to be ‘old-souls’. I worked alongside a palmist once who asked me to cast a horoscope for her. Her chart and, this may be goggly-gook, to most of you, because she had 2 grand-trines both in water signs. A grand-trine is when three planets make an equi-lateral triangle in the sky at the moment of birth. This is extremely rare and fortunate and to have 2 of them in the same chart and in water signs I certainly have never seen before or since! (Come to think of it she certainly was a trifle odd.)  Pisces then is a water sign this is the ‘caring’ sign of the zodiac an they often find themselves in the caring professions. They are also spiritual and we all know the fish is one of the symbols of Chriitianity. They can often, however, be easily led and  need us harder folk to help them at times. Great animal-lovers with great sensitivity they provide a softer more gentle way of dealing with the world. Most of them are lovely folk and add much needed real love to us all. Contact with Pisceans is often beneficial their moon-like serenity can be calming and help in difficult situations. The rest of us need to support and nurture this very special group please look on them with a new Kindly light. If they have a fault some of them drink too much!