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 Could be a gradual change this month for the better and long-term progress looks particularly good. Try to keep your plans on a low-key, practical level and avoid the vague or fanciful. Should be a slight positive shift in the new year with an upsurge of energy from which you will benefit.

Uranus which is often a difficult planet is still going backwards and continues like this in the NewYear; but there is some signs of bad luck your planet Mars is square to Jupiter. There is, however, some learning going on which should be beneficial & if you curb your enthusiasm  you will be  sucessful  as 2019 dawns.

Still pretty laid back this month not in-keeping with your lively personality. Upst in romance but not too serious good fortune in other matters though and long-term prospects look very promising. Fair chance of starting the new Year with bang but just ‘Take-it-easy’.

You start this month with optimism but there is some pressure from the past. Try to be as practical as possible and avoid fanciful or vague ideas. A time for positive recollection will increase you sense of well-being.The New Year looks particularly good with extra drive and excitement.

This month starts at a low ebb perhaps this could be a health matter. There should be a little luck though. A time for practical matters; fanciful thoughts just will not work.This will be balanced by a positive feeling of ‘belonging’ this seems to be connected with your Home and New  Year.

This is a low-key month but does  include some good fortune early on. There are definite signs that your long term prospects are very good a new source of knowledge will begin to help.This seems to become apparent in the New Year where energy and good luck appear to be working together!