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I hold degrees in both Arts and Science. I taught Physics, Maths, Science and Photography before retiring to explore other avenues.  I wrote for magazines,studied Astrology, began using computers to produce photographs and developed my interest in the Tarot. I am also  a qualified  hypnotist, (this is restricted to local clients). I  lecture on Astrology, The Tarot, Science, Photography and still instruct private students in maths,science & writing but I get the most satisfaction from problem solving. Could I help YOU?


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I know I keep going on about the light this year. But it is still carrying on! This November produced lighting effects the like of which I cannot remember. Photography comes from the Greek and means ‘Drawing with Light’ (the Latin would have Scribimus Lucimus, I am glad I was a Photographer and not a Lucyscribbler! ) My Project this month suggests approaches for those of us who cannot draw with a pencil but could ‘Draw with Light’!